Sunday, February 12, 2012

I enrolled to Udacity Course "CS101 - Building a Search Engine"

Nowadays there are many good opportunities to take free online-courses to develop your skills and competencies. Educating yourself is very simple if you have interest to certain subjects and if you are self-motivated, as me. If not, than you should maybe start with the "8 mental steps to self-motivation" by Ian McKenzie to learn how to motivate yourself continuously.
There’s is nothing more powerful for self-motivation than the right attitude. You can’t choose or control your circumstance, but can choose your attitude towards your circumstances.
/Ian McKenzie/
I have enrolled to Udacity Course CS101 - Building a Search Engine by Professors David Evans (University of Virginia) and Sebastian Thrun (Stanford University) that will be started at the end of february. This course will run for 7 weeks, so I think I will get enough information about basic fundamentals of search engines, understand how the page ranking works and get a basic knowledge in python. Of course I want to complete the course successfully. It is not so easy getting a successful final grade, if you study after work.
A short syllabus of this course:

Week 1: How to get started: your first program 
Extracting a link 
Week 2: How to repeat 
Finding all the links on a page 
Week 3: How to manage data 
Crawling the web 
Week 4: How to solve problems 
Responding to search queries 
Week 5: How programs run 
Making things fast 
Week 6: How to have infinite power 
Ranking search results 
Week 7: Where to go from here 
Exam testing your knowledge

My goal with this course is NOT to build my own unique search engine and develope a performant individual rankings-algorithm, because it's meaningless, you cannot compete with google, but as a software engineer it worths to expand my knowledge and improve my self-learning discipline.

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